You want to give your child a cake for his or her next birthday and you don’t know how to make your choice a success? Don’t worry! In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to make your birthday cake a success.

Choose a good quality cake tin

To make a birthday cake, you must first choose a good quality mould. There are several types of moulds.  These include: princess castle moulds, plane moulds, balloon moulds and train moulds. If you choose these, your children will be very happy with your gift.

Make a sugarpaste cake

This cake is the best birthday cake ever. Especially when you want to give it to a child. Indeed, the sugarpaste cake allows parents to show their creativity, i.e. their ability to innovate new cake shapes. Sometimes they put different colours with very spectacular images. For example, if the birthday cake is for a girl, a pretty, well-dressed doll can be put in the middle of the cake. Finally, don’t forget that the doll is drawn with sugar paste.

Make number cakes for your children

To make your child happy, you can give them a birthday cake with numbers. For example, if they are five years old, you can make a cake in the shape of five. To do this, cut the mixture you made in the tin into two parts. Once cut, you will have two half centuries. Arrange these one under the other and bind the end of each part with chocolate.

Make an exceptional cake

To mark the difference, you can go out of the ordinary to make a creative birthday cake. To do this, you can use Scrapbooking paper. It is very effective. This paper allows you to create beautiful pictures on the cake. Simply pour some light biscuits on the cake and place the paper on the oven. When you take it out of the oven, you will see the effect of the paper. Finally, you can choose good quality birthday candles to colour the birthday cake.



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