When you dress up, you certainly want to let your personality shine through. This can only be done if you know how to combine colours to achieve a perfect look. If you are apprehensive about choosing and matching colours, this article can help you. It briefly presents you how to mix and match colours.

The cameo

Cameo is a technique that allows you to combine colours that are close to the same tone. It allows you to combine clothes that are almost the same colour but darker or lighter. One of the garments can also be decorated with various patterns. This combination is called monochrome harmony. Also, the clothes can have colours that are a little further apart but still have the same tone. This is called analogous harmony. Cameo is a technique that allows to lengthen the silhouette of the wearer. It is very practical for people who have a busy life and who do not have time for a perfect colour match. But note that although this technique is classic and not time-consuming, it is less advantageous for people with more imagination.



Monochrome is a technique that combines garments of the same colour. It is very suitable for short people as it also helps to slim and lengthen the figure. It also allows you to look chic without going to too much trouble. The advantage with monochrome is that you create an optical vision by putting it on. There is no colour splitting your outfit so you not only look slimmer but also taller and slimmer to everyone.

How do you combine colours?

First of all, you should know that it’s frowned upon to combine more than two colours unless it’s a cameo. And here again, the colours must fit into each other. If you have curves, it is advisable to wear dark colours on them. Use brighter colours on the areas you want to emphasise. This will balance your personality and make you feel more confident.  



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